Developing Strengths-Based Teams
A Strengths-Based Approach to Professional Development 

Dear Leader,

We are excited for the opportunity to serve you because we make it nearly impossible for you to fail.

Follow our lead today and it will be the last time you worry about building a culture that helps retain your staff.

We are so confident in our services that we backup our promise with a two part guarantee:

1) In 10 days, we'll conduct a comprehensive staff strengths assessment to identify the individual and team strengths of your community.

2) In 30 days, you’ll see a measured improvement in team collaboration, and well-being, and Strengths based development plan to help you avoid turnover.

Every client will achieve these 6 milestones in as little as 30 days:

Milestone 1) Onboarding and goal clarity
Milestone 2) Community wide strengths assessment distribution
Milestone 3) Assessment analysis and Team Report generation
Milestone 4) Strengths Based Teams Training (Half Day workshop)
Milestone 5) Leadership Team Debrief and Action Plan
Milestone 6) Celebrate success post training and 30 day follow up


After working with us here's what participants had to say 

"Tre' walks with you on the journey and stays with you through it to make the experience pleasant while guiding you toward success."

Dr. Adrienne Young Professional School Counselor 
"Thank you for guiding us closer to a more productive work environment and stronger team. 

I will work on the key areas of improvement. You are the best Thank you for sharing your expertise with us"

Darnell Byrd Mcpherson - Darlington County First Steps Executive Director
I liked learning about the different personality styles and how to engage with others who have a different style. I would say that this workshop is beneficial to learn about yourself as it will help you to engage with others.

Classroom Teacher -  J.H.S James P. Sinnot Magnet School
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